7 Tricks To Help You Deal With Trigonometry Homework

Sometimes, trigonometry homework can feel like “Mission: Impossible.” The terms you understood perfectly in class no longer make any sense. The problems you were solving easily before the bell rang now look like a foreign language.

Never fear. There are ways to get back on the trigonometry track. When your trig homework is getting you down, follow these 7 simple tricks to make the whole thing easier.

  1. Take good notes in class. Don’t underestimate the power of good notes. Excellent notes will ensure you have examples of solved problems to refer to when you’re working. Plus, there’s a benefit to just taking them in the first place. Science has proven that writing things down helps us remember things better.
  2. Find a study buddy. You don’t have to do trig alone! Find a fellow student in your class who’d be willing to do homework with you. They’re studying the same material and have received the same instruction. Working on a problem cooperatively makes it easier to solve.
  3. Check out online videos. The Web is filled with great instruction videos for trigonometry problems. Find one that demonstrates the kind of homework problem you’re struggling with. These videos are usually short and focused on specific terms or concepts. You’ll find just the solution you’re looking for.
  4. Find a tutor. If possible, get a math tutor to help. A little extra one-on-one teaching could make a world of difference. Many tutoring companies offer online options, so you can get tutoring help from your computer anytime and anywhere.
  5. Go back to the textbook. Don’t forget your textbook! It will have many examples of properly solved problems to use for reference. Plus, many textbooks today offer sections with additional resources to help students learn. Use them, because they were created to work together with your textbook.
  6. Use the internet. Beyond videos, there are many math sites on the Web that can help a struggling student tackle their trigonometry homework. Some math sites even have interactive tools to help you master difficult concepts.
  7. Get on Facebook. No really. Get on Facebook. The social media site is full of online groups of math lovers, and you might be able to crowd-source some help for a difficult trig problem. If they can’t solve your problem, these die-hard math fans can direct you to the best resources than will be able to help.


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