Selling personal moments isn’t mine or Josh’s style, so our wedding fortunately wasn’t a very highly publicized affair. With the launch of our new joint blog and just days after our three month wedding anniversary, I decided it was time to share some intimate moments of the most important day in our lives with you wonderful people who have been endlessly supportive of us!

Getting married is something I never imagined in my future until I met my now husband and forever soulmate. It really is one of those things that just smacks you in the face and there’s no denying that you just know without any question of a doubt. With that said, once wedding planning was underway, I still couldn’t imagine myself as a blushing bride in white! I tried on a few beautiful cream lace gowns and while my mom and friends saw pictures and thought I looked pretty, I knew no one could see it either, it just wasn’t me! In an exasperated long shot, I googled the well-known bride go-to Vera Wang and saw pictures of her recent collection of all-black wedding dresses! I saw a picture of this one beautifully intricate black lace and cream and black tulle halter gown and I had to get in there immediately to try it on. For the first time I found an outfit that I could picture myself saying my “I dos” in that wasn’t just jeans and a band tee. As soon as I texted my mom a picture of me in THE dress she began incessantly texting and calling me saying HOLY SHIT SHENAE, IT’S YOU! THAT DRESS IS YOU! So on mom’s final and eloquent wise words, I was sold. We had a small wedding and I wasn’t going to go for anything this extravagant but after all, it was the outfit to commemorate the most important day of my life so I threw caution to the wind and started my fittings! At that moment I realized I could still be a blushing princess bride that most little girls dream of but do it in my own rock n roll kinda way. And the best part? Josh f*cking loved it! And he looked pretty damn dapper himself in his Saint Laurent custom designed three-piece suit might I add… Lucky gal aren’t I? Big thanks to the fine folks at Vera for cramming in my last-minute fittings and to Mr. Hedi Slimane for the incredible one-of-a-kind wedding gift!


Photo Credit: Joe Hunt